We would like to introduce you the world-renowned expert and the author of many articles and publications on Ayurveda, Atreya Smith. Detailed information about him can be found in the attachment above.

In this webinar, he will tell you what nutrition is and what factors determine the nutritive value of food. 

Moreover, the expert will describe the effect of “fast-food” and animal-based products on the planet and environment.

Additional webinar topics:

  • Nature as intelligence
  • The power of Ayurveda in the context of Charaka Samhita
  • Definition of Rasa
  • Healthy and unhealthy food

Expert: Atreya Smith, a world-renowned Ayurvedic doctor, the author of many articles and publications on Ayurveda

Expert Atreya Smith
Duration 1 hour

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What is Nutrition According to Ayurveda

    Expert: Atreya Smith

    Duration: 1 hour

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