VedaEducation | Ayurveda in the practice of a western healthcare consultant

21-27 of January 2019

Ayurveda in the practice of a western healthcare consultant

Seminar of Dr. Antonio Morandi in Saint-Petersburg

What is this seminar about?

At the on-site seminar you will look into a matter of etiology and pathogenesis (Nidana), as well as the principles of treatment (Kaya Chikitsa), implemented by a modern specialist.

Practical skills of application of Ayurvedic procedures (some methods of Panchakarma) with adaptation to the Western practice will be formed.

The seminar will be held at two addresses in Saint-Petersburg from 21 to 27 of January 2019: Conference center "Academiya Rosta" (lectures) and Skin care clinic "Machaon" (practice).

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar will be of great interest to all specialists in the fields of Ayurveda, Wellness Consulting, Diet therapy, Herbal medicine, Yoga, and to all persons who are interested in studying the combined ayurvedic and modern medicine.


Dr. Antonio Morandi
Medical Doctor, Specialist in Neurology, Specialist in Ayurveda, Chairman and Director of “Ayurvedic Point”

Carmen Tosto
Ayurvedic Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Co-Founder of “Ayurvedic Point”


Lectures will be held at the Conference center "Academiya Rosta", Nevsky Prospect 78, of. 16, St. Petersburg

Practice will be held at the Skin care clinic "Machaon", Rubinstein 23, St. Petersburg




Format: on-site seminar (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Start date: 21-27 of January 2019

Duration: 40 hours, 7 days

Price: $ 650