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Educational course

The technique of deep cleansing the body using Ayurvedic procedures

Panchakarma is the unique method because it does not deal with the symptoms of the disease, but is aimed at eliminating the causes of the disease itself. To find and eliminate the cause of any disease, Panchakarma first completely cleanses the body at all levels and then restores the balance of the Doshas.

In European culture, Panchakarma is often considered more as an SPA procedure and is taught very superficially. This course is a process of deep immersion in the theory and practice of Kerala Panchakarma.

This course will be beneficial for:

Ayurvedic consultants who want to include procedures into their practice
Massagists, osteopaths and other manual practices specialists who want to expand their skills and learn new effective techniques of Ayurvedic procedures
Yoga therapists who want to help people with the use of Panchakarma procedures as well
To medical workers
To everyone who uses wellness practices and wants to improve their health

Course format

The course is designed so that each student learns the practical skills of performing Panchakarma procedures.

The first part of the course will be online, in the form of video lessons and webinars. All records will be available for viewing at a convenient time.

The second part of the course will be held at the SNA Clinic, Kerala (India).

Medical education is not required.


Devi Narayanan

  • Working as Medical Superintendent in SNA Ayurved Nursing Home since 2006;
  • Faculty member in Ayurvedic Point, Milano, Italy for 14years;
  • Classes on ayurvedic Treatment aspects specially panchakarma;
  • Had taken classes on ayurvedic treatment for medical students from Italy, SriLanka, Maldives, and Germany.

SNA Clinic

The private Ayurvedic clinic SNA was founded in 1920 by the outstanding Ayurvedic doctor - Ashtavaidya Thrissur Unni Mousse.

The Ashtavaidyas belong to the Kerala Ayurveda community of traditional healers. They are masters of eight branches of Ayurveda, hence the name “Ashtavaidya” comes from.

In this small clinic, where they practice a very deep approach to treating patients, the royal families of India have been treated, and representatives of the European aristocracy are also being treated there.


First module

Second module