Receive new professional competencies to implement in your practical treatment activities

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The course introduces you to core concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will learn how to make acupuncture prescription for various diseases based on the fundamental rules and concepts of TCM. You will develop your practical treatment skills with different methods (needles, moxibustion, electropuncture, etc.). It is based on the classical texts of TCM. 

This course will be of great interest to all specialists who would like to get basic knowledge on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese medicine and practical skills without training in China.


Format: online (webinars)
Duration: 21 hours, 7 webinars
Start date: November 28th, 2017
Cost: 228 $, 200 euro

1st module: Basics of TCM and pulse diagnosis

Reveals basics of traditional Chinese medicine, its principles, methods, and diagnostic features, as well as basic theories of TCM. You will learn the basics of pulse diagnosis.
The program of the first module:
• Basics of traditional Chinese medicine
• Diagnosis in TCM
• Basic theory of TCM (Yin-Yang Wu-Hsing, Ching-Lo)
• Basics of pulse diagnosis and cardiointervalography
• Testing

Format: online (webinars)
Duration: 76 hours, 26 webinars
Start date: January, 2018
Cost: 684 $, 600 euro

2nd module: Channel (meridional) system

Allows you to learn from A to Z all main 14 channels that are used by experts in traditional Chinese medicine.
The program of the second module:
• Study of the channel (meridional) system’s functioning
• Ability to influence 12 channels
• Knowledge of the location and characteristics of the 361 biological active points
• Testing 

Format: online (webinars)
Duration: 30 hours, 10 webinars
Start date: April, 2018
Cost: 228 $, 200 euro

3rd module: Therapeutic methods of TCM

Will be the beginning of practical skills. You will learn how to make prescriptions for impact on biologically active points, to choose the right method of treatment for a particular case and how to use it safely.
The program of the third module:
• Rules for composing prescription
• Therapeutic methods of TCM (acupuncture, moxibustion, point-line massage)
• Testing

Format: face-to-face seminar 
Duration: 30 hours, 5 days 
Start date: June, 2018

4th module: Practice 

Within five days you will hone your acupuncture and moxibustion skills. Upon completion of this module you will use correctly the main methods of TCM and won't be afraid to apply these to your practice.
The program of the fourth module:
• Practice of acupuncture and moxibustion skills on training models
• Work with the VedaPulse device
• Study and practice of the channels
• Organizational moments (documentation, aseptics/antiseptics, armamentarium)
• Exam

Format: online (webinars) 
Duration: 45 hours, 15 webinars 
Start date: July, 2018 
Cost: 570 $, 500 euro

5th module: Special methods

You will learn special healing methods of traditional Chinese medicine for certain diseases. Get clear instructions on how to choose a method of exposure, for example, in diseases of the heart, lungs, stomach, etc.
The program of the fifth module:
• Private experiences with specific diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, etc.)
• Exam


Elena Archebasova

PhD, therapist, Associate Professor of Physiology Department in Novosibirsk State Medical University

Sergey Kosintsev

PhD, Acupuncturist, Master's degree in metaphysical arts R&E Inst., Hannover, Deutschland

After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Diagnose based on the basic theories and concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
• Make acupuncture prescription for various diseases based on the fundamental rules and concepts of TCM;
• Restore and strengthen the health of your patients using Zhen (acupuncture) and Jiu (moxibustion) methods.